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About NWA

It takes a nation of mini-ones to hold me back....Nippaz With Attitude's my fiercely independent company and the only baby & kids wear label to experience 'legal problems' over a design with Nike and the Hells Angels. It’s a profane labour of love for one man...erm, me:


Ian McLaren

Hello there. After art school and a short stint as a graphic designer I spent many years working for the UK's largest independent record company; and when I say 'work' I mean listen to demos all day and hang about scummy venues all night. The party was over in 2000 after a 6am pun epiphany with the name 'Nippaz With Attitude'. Clearly the only sane thing to do was leave the shallow money trench of the music business and create a brand making the UK's coolest baby and kids gifts.

Before starting at hipster Spitalfields Market in 2001 I went over my extensive pre-launch checklist ...wing, check ...prayer, check. Later that day there was much frivolous pointing and laughing (the good kind) from both the public and celebrity loiterers alike - and being someone who needs little encouragement I've carried on the whole impecunious charade ever since.

I combine my design alter-ego McNaja with my role as NWA's Chief Cultural Shoplifter, and naively consider my work to be a subversive weapon in a lifelong battle against bunnies, bears, and growing the hell up. I've an unhealthy obsession with typography, sarcasm, irony and bad puns.

*CAUTION - wild trumpet blowing* Celebrity supporters over the years have included Stella McCartney, Chuck D, David Beckham, Noel Gallagher, Fearne Cotton, Damon Albarn, Madonna, Russell Crowe, Jaime Winston and Reese Witherspoon. Oh, and there was also a time Jay Z signed a bestselling 'I Got 99 Problems But A Bib Ain't One' bib and was kind enough not to call his lawyers.